Ceramic Packages

Ceramic Packages for Automotive Sensors

Ceramic packages possess features such as high Young's modulus of elasticity, low coefficient of thermal expansion, high thermal conductivity, high heat resistance, zero water absorption, and high design flexibility.
Taking advantage of such characteristics, Kyocera provides ceramic packages and lids (metal, glass, silicon, etc.) for a variety of automotive sensor applications.


Ceramic Package Examples

Silicon Lid and Ceramic Package
for Infrared Sensors

Ceramic Packages
for CCD/CMOS Cameras

Ceramic Package for EGR
Differential Pressure Sensors

Dual-Cavity Ceramic Packages
for Inertial Combo Sensors

Ceramic Packages
for Combustion Pressure Sensor Amplifiers

Ceramic Package
for Automatic Transmission Oil Pressure Sensors

Ceramic Packages for MEMS Gyroscopes and Accelerometers
Copyright Analog Devices, Inc. All rights reserved

Ceramic Packages for Tire Pressure Sensors
Courtesy of Texas Instruments Japan Limited

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