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Thermal Printheads

Reasons to Choose Kyocera's Thermal Printheads

Kyocera Thermal Printhead Features

High Resolution Printing & Wide Application Range Available Worldwide

Features of Kyocera’s Thermal Printheads

  1. Thin film uniformed heater enables high heat efficiency (Quick temperature rise & fall), high speed and high-resolution printing.

  2. Various thermal printhead construction structures enable high resolution printing under various speed (low to high) and for various media (soft-hard).

  3. Variety in standard specification line up

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Flat Type Corner Edge Type True Edge Type
  • Widely Used
  • Variety of standard specification
    line up
  • Straight Pass
  • High speed printing with high
    heat efficiency
  • Straight Pass
  • Enables printing on hard surfaced
    media prior to tone printing

Pursuit of High Speed, High Quality, and High Reliability

How we make our thermal printheads quickly

Thermal printheads with thin film have excellent thermal response. For increasing printing speed, the glaze shape, overcoat and heat dissipation structure are optimized to take advantage of thin film feature.

How we ensure high thermal printhead quality

The higher image quality of cameras built into smartphones and the Internet has led to more opportunities to handle digital images. In particular, the sublimation thermal transfer method*1 can achieve image quality comparable to that of conventional photographic methods. Uniformity of heater temperature and control technology are pursued for high image quality.

*1: Sublimates a dye to form an image on an image-receiving paper

How we make our thermal printheads highly precise

The thermal printhead is a key component in a printer. With the demand for higher image quality, high positional accuracy is required when installing the equipment. The heater position accuracy is improved in order to reduce the burden of position adjustment when the printer is installed.

How we make our thermal printheads highly reliable

  1. Energy Resistance

    Energy resistance refers to the durability of the heater under the energy conditions which drive the thermal printheads. Kyocera has a structure and process to improve energy resistance.

  2. Abrasion Resistance

    Thermal printheads can be used together with a printing media such as thermal paper or ink ribbon. Since the printing is done by directly touching thermal paper or ink ribbon, the surface will be worn out during the printing, especially for industrial barcode printers at high speeds. Abrasion resistance is an important requirement factor that affects the life of printers because improved oil resistance and scratching resistance performance for media are also required. Kyocera has a lineup of overcoats that meet various required performances.

  3. Environmental Resistance

    In recent years, thermal printheads have become more and more familiar and closer to our daily lives. For example, ticket machines at parking lots. Thermal printers are used in a places exposed to wind, rain, and other harsh conditions for printers. Therefor, high environmental resistance is required as an important factor. Kyocera is working to improve environmental resistance by devising overcoat materials and processing conditions under printing.

Glaze Shape Lineup

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