Inkjet Printheads

Inkjet Printheads

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2013-12-24 Specifications have been updated, some basic technical data sheets can now be downloaded
2013-08-02 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page added
2012-08-06 KYOCERA Develops World's Fastest 300dpi Inkjet Printhead; Offering Simultaneous Two-Color Printing with One Printhead
2012-04-24 KYOCERA Develops World’s Fastest 1200×1200dpi KJ4B-Z Inkjet Printhead
2012-03-26 KYOCERA Starts Mass Production of World's Fastest Inkjet Printheads for Commercial Printing

KJ4 Pioneering the digital printing world with high-performance products
Wide Print Width: 108mm   High Speed: 100m/min* as Maximum
Achieved in Single Pass Printing
Wider printing coverage with fewer printheads

A wide print-width can be covered with fewer printheads by employing Kyocera’s 108mm-wide device. The enhanced width also reduces the burden of printhead alignment and tubing/cabling requirements at the inkjet printer assembly.
  Wide Print Width: 108mm

The 2,656 nozzles per printhead are each arranged in 0.042mm pitch in a 108mm print width to eject 40,000 drops per second, meaning over 100 million drops a second per printhead, printing 600dpi × 600dpi in single–pass applications at up to 100 meters per minute.*

* Under conditions of 40kHz drive frequency

High Image Quality: 600dpi Grayscale   High Reliability
High image quality with high resolution and grayscale

The unique technology in Kyocera’s piezoelectric actuator enables 600dpi × 600dpi image quality with up to five levels of grayscale by controlling drop size.
Outstanding reliability for Continuous Printing

Internal filters eliminate foreign objects, internal heaters adjust the impact of exterior temperature, and a unique ink-channel design provides stable ink supply to all 2,656 nozzles without any missing lines even for continuous printing.

 Kyocera KJ4 Series Inkjet Printheads

The KJ4A Series is designed for UV curable inks and other inks with high viscosity. It is optimal for commercial printing on a wide range of media including offset surprint and labels.

The KJ4B Series is designed for water-based inks; it achieves high-speed printing at a maximum of over 100 million drops per second. This enables high productivity in single-pass applications, such as transaction printing, documents, security printing using MICR ink, and multi-pass textile printing.

Resolution 300dpi × 300dpi 600dpi × 600dpi
Color number 2 - color / head 1 color / head
Print width 112mm 108.25mm
Max. drive frequency
(print speed)
200 × 36 × 68.5mm
*The height of the connector is contained
200 × 25 × 59.3mm 200 × 30 × 68.9mm
*KJ4A-RH model: The height of the connector is contained
200 × 30 ×68.6mm
*The height of the connector is contained
UV Model
KJ4A Series
PDF (pdf/304KB)
KJ4A-AA (For small drop)
PDF (pdf/304KB)
Aqueous Model
KJ4B Series

Kyocera inkjet printheads are applicable not only for printing on paper but for textile or non absorbable media such as plastic films by using appropriate inks among aqueous, UV or oil based types. Furthermore, a higher variety of applications are to be expected in the future. Expanding Inkjet Applications

 Inkjet Printheads 300dpi
The World’s Widest & Fastest 300 dpi Printhead*1 Offering Simultaneous Two-Color Printing with a single Printhead
300dpi two-color printhead

This product achieves simultaneous two-color printing with just one printhead.This not only effectively halves the number of printheads required in the printer, but also reduces the cabling requirements, contributing to a reduction in the size of inkjet printers.

300dpi two-color printhead
Model KJ4B-0300
Ink Type Aqueous
Width×Depth×Height 200×36×68.5mm
Dry Weight 540g
Total Nozzles 2,656
Standard Resolution 300dpi
Effective Print Width 112mm
Max Drive Frequency 30kHz
Max Print Speed 152m/min
Drop Volumes 5,7,12,18pl *2
Typical Ink Viscosity*3 5.0-6.0 mPa*s
*1   The world's widest and fastest speed for a two-color simultaneous single-pass inkjet printhead at a print resolution of 300dpi (based on research by Kyocera; as of June , 2013).
*2 18pl drop is available up to 20kHz.
*3 Optimum viscosity range at printhead operation temperature.

 Peripherals and Inks
Driving boards, PCI boards, and software are available to support your printing test environment. Water-based and UV inks optimized for Kyocera inkjet printheads are also available. For more information, please contact us. Peripherals Inks

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