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  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Q1: What is special about Kyocera’s inkjet printheads?
A1: Kyocera produces the piezo actuator, which is the core component in inkjet printheads. The production is based on Kyocera’s technical expertise in fine ceramics ever since the company was established in 1959. With the combination of the piezo technology and printing device technology, Kyocera inkjet printheads have realized high speed printing, high resolution, grayscale and wide printing width.
Q2: Are Kyocera inkjet printheads successful in the market?
A2: Yes. Kyocera inkjet printheads have earned a good reputation in transaction, textile, labels and other applications.
Q3: What kinds of ink can be used?
A3: We do material compatibility tests on inks per customer request. Also, we can introduce inks such as water, UV , etc.- each ink’s jetting has been checked with our printheads. Please contact our sales representatives if you have an ink type preference.
Q4: How are the support & sales channels?
A4: The Kyocera Group has sales companies in Japan, Europe, North America and other Asian countries to support our customers.
Q5: Can I check the printing quality first?
A5: We will check if we can supply you with printing samples, printing to your media and/or printing tests at our factory. For more details, please contact our sales representatives.
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