Heat Dissipation Structure Ceramic Substrates

High Voltage-resistant Alumina Ceramic (AH100A)

Possibility of a 50% size reduction with 1.6 times higher voltage resistance than conventional ceramic (based on Kyocera simulation).

・Improvement of dielectric strength / creeping voltage
  resistance in vacuum atmosphere
・Conditioning time reduction at high voltage operation
・Ripple reduction
・50% size reduction from conventional alumina
 (based on Kyocera simulation)


Insulation Property Hermeticity

Product specs

Alumina (AH100A)
Special process
Metalization and Brazing are possible


Design Image of Size Reduction

Conditioning Time

Measuring Conditions:
   Pressure ≦ 10-3Pa
   Voltage Increase 1kV/min.
   Restarted from 0V every time flashover voltage is observed

Creeping Voltage Resistance

Measuring Conditions:
   Surface Distance 2mm
   Atmosphere ≦ 10-4Pa
   Others per Kyocera testing set-up

Dielectric Strength

Measuring Conditions:
   Bulk Ceramic Thickness 2mm
   Others based on JIS-C2141 standard

Material Characteristics & Measurement Comparison

(Reference Data)


  • High Voltage Accelerators (Analysis Equipment)
  • Ultra High Vacuum Feedthroughs (Semiconductor Processing Tools)
  • Electron Beam Generators (Medical or Industrial X-ray Tubes)

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