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PHOTO: Link to Wireless Communications

Substrates, Blue LEDs, Inductors, Base Stations, Noise Control Filters

PHOTO: Link to Computer Peripherals

Hard Disk Drives (HDDs), Printers, LCD Projectors, Displays

PHOTO: Link to Environmental Preservation / Renewable Energy

Incinerators, Gas Filters, Deodorizers

PHOTO: Link to Single-Crystal Sapphire Products

LEDs, GaN, Plasma, Process Chamber Windows, Watches, Mobile Phone Components, Plasma Generator Tubes

PHOTO: Link to Metallized / Vacuum Components

Inductor Cores, Surge Arresters, Power Module Substrates, Aviation, Aerospace

PHOTO: Link to Electronics Industry

Thick Film Substrates, Thin Film Substrates, Polished Substrates, Pressed / Extruded Parts

PHOTO: Link to Piezoelectric Ceramics

Single Plate Piezo Elements, Multilayer Piezo (d33 Mode), Multilayer Piezo (d31 Mode)

Other products fine ceramics

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PHOTO: Link to Industrial Cutting Tools
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