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 Kyocera Philosophy Education: Basic Concept and Structure
Photo: Group-Wide Philosophy Committee

Group-Wide Philosophy Committee
In the Kyocera Group, a variety of education programs are provided to each employee to familiarize them with the Kyocera Philosophy, realize the global growth of the Group through diligent efforts, and with originality and ingenuity, help all employees feel happy working for the Group in order to foster human resources capable of supporting the growth and development of society and humankind.

We regularly hold the Group-Wide Philosophy Committee headed by Kyocera’s chairman to further reinforce the diffusion of Philosophy activities. The Group-Wide Philosophy Committee formulates the policies for Philosophy education and examines and determines measures to promote understanding of the Philosophy and reinforce its practice.

 Application of the Kyocera Philosophy Education (Results of FY2016)
The Kyocera Group is expanding Kyocera Philosophy Education on a global basis in accordance with the policy of the Group-Wide Philosophy Committee. In Japan, education is divided into programs provided individually by each department, site or Group company, based on the conditions of their specific business activities and the common programs that support the individual programs. In individual educational activities, actions to diffuse the front-line-conscious Philosophy are taken proactively by each department, site or Group company. The Leader Education and the Philosophy Workshop, which are company-wide education programs, set “Aim High” as the integrated theme for FY2016 based on the management policy of the Kyocera Group. Use of the integrated theme aims to create a sense of unity and enhance the quality of education so as to foster human resources who can contribute to the management of the company.

In addition to those Philosophy education programs, various education and diffusion activities are carried out including voluntary workshops, company journals, company Web sites, and a collection of Kyocera Group Philosophy Essays.
Image: Diagram of the Kyocera Philosophy education system
Diagram of the Kyocera Philosophy education system
Philosophy Education by Each Department, Site or Group Company
Activities of the General Affairs Group
The Corporate General Affairs Group Philosophy Committee is an organization dedicated to promoting activities of the Group-Wide Philosophy Committee. This Committee further has several working groups composed mainly of young members selected from various divisions.

The General Affairs Group holds the Heart-to-Heart Discussion Seminar, in which people discuss how the General Affairs Group, which supports business activities, should be, and also publishes an in-house newsletter, the Philosophy Times. As one of the Philosophy permeation measures meant for individual employees, every employee publicly declares his or her target Philosophy in the form of the Challenge Philosophy Card and announces it at a morning gathering. Thus, various activities for permeation of the Kyocera Philosophy are conducted.
Photo: Heart-to-Heart Discussion Seminar
Heart-to-Heart Discussion Seminar

Group-Wide Common Philosophy Education Programs
Leader Education

The Kyocera Group (in Japan) aims to develop leaders capable of achieving high aims by enhancing the power of the organization’s unity. To this end, we hold leader education intended for people in managerial positions of section manager or higher. In FY2016, we thought about what is important to create a passionate organization as it used to be in the founding days of Kyocera when everybody had a high aim and a grand dream, in order to realize the goal of becoming “The Company” (the company of companies respected the world over). Members who participated in the post-training “compa” party declared their commitments and announced their action plans.

Photo: Leader Education
Leader Education

Philosophy Workshop
The Kyocera Group (in Japan) holds the Philosophy Workshop in order for employees to learn the basic Kyocera Philosophy essential to do their jobs better and lead a happy life beyond position, age, department, or line of work and enhance the passion for practice. In this workshop, the Philosophy is explained using phrases or comments used by famous people to relate to the Philosophy as well as familiar case examples experienced by Kyocera employees so that trainees learn the Philosophy from various viewpoints. At the same time, training programs are designed to develop a sense of unity in the group. In FY2016, employees shared success and failure examples at their respective worksites and learned the importance of acting on their own initiative (by playing the central role) to fulfill the high aim of the organization and aggressively work with other coworkers towards the same goal. Photo: Philosophy Workshop
Philosophy Workshop

FY2016 Results of Kyocera Philosophy Education
  Leader Education Philosophy Workshop Part-timer Workshop
Total number of participants 9,665 37,347 6,037
Training hours and times per employee Top management   7.5 hours x 1
3.5 hours x 1
Mid-level employees   3.5 hours x 2
2.5 hours x 2 1 hour x 2

These programs cover the education provided by the department in charge of Philosophy education at Kyocera. Other education programs include those unique to each department or Group company.

Provision of Kyocera Philosophy Education to Overseas Group Companies
Since the Kyocera Group considers it is important to share the Philosophy beyond nationality and cultural differences in order to globally operate our business, Kyocera Philosophy education is also provided at overseas Group companies.

Feature Article 3: Sharing the Kyocera Philosophy on a Global Scale to Align Mental Vectors
Photo: Global Philosophy Seminar (China)

Global Philosophy Seminar (China)

Diffusion Activities Based on Kyocera Group Philosophy Essays
The Kyocera Group (in Japan) annually asks for Kyocera Group Philosophy Essays from employees in order for them to reflect on their own experiences with the Kyocera Philosophy, have a clear awareness of the necessity of practical implementation of the Philosophy, and master it. This essay contest has been in place since FY1991. Some overseas Group companies also conduct the same contest.

Essays submitted by employees are reviewed and the authors of selected essays are awarded the Chairman Emeritus’ Prize, the Chairman’s Prize or the President’s Prize.

A collection of award-winning essays and other excellent essays is issued among the entire Kyocera Group to encourage the practice of the Kyocera Philosophy.
Photo: Presentation of Philosophy Essays in China

Presentation of Philosophy Essays in China
Photo: Collection of Philosophy Essays(Japanese version on the left and Chinese version on the right)

Collection of Philosophy Essays
(Japanese version on the left and Chinese version on the right)
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