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CSR Report
CSR Report 2016
Period covered by the report: Fiscal Year 2016 (April 1, 2015 - March 31, 2016)

  PDF CSR Report 2016 (full report) (pdf/5,930KB)  
  CSR Report2015

Management Rationale / Top Management Message
  PDF Corporate Motto / Management Rationale (pdf/122KB)
  PDF Top Management Message (pdf/134KB)

Management Philosophy
  PDF Kyocera Group Management Roots (pdf/166KB)
  PDF Management Based on the Kyocera Philosophy (pdf/132KB)
  PDF Advancing Kyocera Philosophy Education (pdf/296KB)

Feature Articles
  PDF Feature Article 1: Kyocera’s Floating Solar Power Plants Contribute to Greater Diffusion of Renewable Energy Use (pdf/418KB)
  PDF Feature Article 2: Kyocera’s Fine Ceramic Technology Contributes to Global Environmental Preservation (pdf/238KB)
  PDF Feature Article 3: Sharing the Kyocera Philosophy on a Global Scale to Align Mental Vectors (pdf/238KB)

CSR Activities Based on ISO26000
  PDF Management
Kyocera Group Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Corporate Governance
  PDF Respect for Human Rights / Optimal Work Environment
Respect for Human Rights and Diversity
Cultivation of Human Resources
Building a Safe & Secure Work Environment
  PDF Environmental Activities
Kyocera Group Environmental Management
Green Management
Green Products
Green Factories
Green Communication
  PDF Fair Business Activities
Risk Management and Compliance
Supply Chain Management
  PDF Customer Concerns
Approaches to Raising Quality and Customer Satisfaction Levels
  PDF Social Contribution Activities
Academic Advancement and Research
Support for Culture and the Arts
International Exchange and Collaboration
Local Community Activities
  PDF Editorial Policy (pdf/84KB)
  PDF GRI and ISO 26000 Comparison Tables (pdf/285KB)

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 Social Contribution Activities Brochure
Social Contribution Activities 2016
Social Contribution Activities Brochure 2016 (full report) (pdf/3,776KB) PDF
  Social Contribution Activities 2016
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