Camera Modules

Camera Modules (Automotive)

 Selection of Imaging Sensor by Use
CCD Sensor
·High resolution
·High sensitivity
CMOS Sensor
·Low Cost
·Low power consumption
·Facilitates miniaturization
 Automotive CCD Camera
Example: Rearview Monitor
·Imager : 1/4 inch color CCD sensor
·Pixel Count : 512(H)×492(V) (about 250K pixels )
·Pixel Size : 7.2µm×5.6µm
·Lens : f=1.8mm, F/2.8
·View Angle : about 121i (H), 90i (V)
·Imager Output : Analogue Composite Signal (NTSC)
·Shutter Speed : 1/60 sec to 1/100,000 sec (Electronic Shutter)
·Power : DC6.0-7.0V
 Automotive CMOS Camera
Example: Traffic Lane Detector
·Imager : 1/7 inch B/W CMOS sensor
·Pixel Count : 352(H)×288(V) (CIF, about 100K pixels)
·Pixel Size : 5.6µm×5.6µm
·Lens : f=2.5mm, F/5.0
·View Angle : about 44i (H), 36i (V)
·Imager Output : Digital output (Y8bits )
·Frame Rate : 30fps
·Shutter Speed : about 1/30 sec1/10,000 sec (Electronic Shutter)
·Power : DC3.0-3.6V

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