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Oxygen Sensor Heaters
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Oxygen Sensor Heaters

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Oxygen Sensor Heaters
Nations all over the globe are adopting stricter regulations for automotive exhaust gas emissions. Oxygen sensor technology has gained an important role in the quest for cleaner-running engines. However, the sensors function inefficiently below normal operating temperatures, making the engine's "cold start" period a continuing source of pollution. Kyocera has addressed this problem by developing fast-acting, electrically-powered ceramic heaters for oxygen sensors.

 Product Outline
· Rapid heating
· Flexible design for temperature distribution
· High watt density and thermal efficiency
· High reliability
· Superior dielectric strength, volume resistivity and thermal shock resistance
· No electrical noise

 Product Specification
Oxygen Sensor Structure
Oxygen Sensor structure

 Product Characteristics
Heating Property Reliability

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Digital Showcase: Automotive > Product Overview > Components > Oxygen Sensor Heaters 
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