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Components / Devices
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Components / Devices

Components / Devices
Based on our unique material technologies, Kyocera's automotive product line includes a variety of mechanical, structural, optical and electronic devices with advanced functionality and high reliability.

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Organic Materials for
Automotive Use

Oxygen Sensor Heaters Power-Saving Saturation (PSS) Glow Plugs Ferrites Cabin Heater Igniters
Ceramic Resonators Crystal Units / TCXOs Capacitors SAW Devices
Connectors for Side Mirrors Connectors for In-Vehicle Equipment            
Pressed Ceramic Components Decorative
Fine Ceramics
Exhaust Control Valves Turbocharger Rotors Rocker Arm Tips Diesel Fuel-Injection Components
Gas Turbine Components Swirl Chambers              
Multilayer Ceramic Substrates for ECUs LED Packages 96% Alumina Thick-Film Substrates   Lids / Lids with RF Absorbers
Sensor Packages Millimeter-Wave Packages Image-Sensor Packages      
IR Lenses (Silicon / Germanium) Glass Sensor Lenses High-Durability / High-Reflection Silver Alloy Mirrors      

Stereo Cameras Camera Modules Component Assembly Technology for Ceramic ECUs

 Manufacturing-Related Products
Manufacturing-Related Products
Manufacturing Process Solutions
Cutting Tool Solutions
Manufacturing Machine Components

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Digital Showcase: Automotive > Components / Devices 
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