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Ryan Gresback



Creating lighting systems tailored to the needs of individuals and advancing laser technology to improve people’s quality of life.


As laser technology has drawn greater attention in recent years for
a variety of commercial applications, Ryan Gresback at Kyocera SLD Laser
in California is responsible for the research and development of advanced
laser technology devices. In keeping with the motto "We're the future of light,"
his work is focused on illuminating a better future for all.


Ryan Gresback
Ryan Gresback
Kyocera SLD Laser
Product Development
Career History:
Ryan has worked as an engineer and researcher in LED and laser manufacturing, drawing on his experiences in mechanical and materials engineering, such as plasma synthesis and nanomaterials technology, as well as in energy-related areas, such as solar cells and semiconductor devices. Currently, he is taking on the R&D of advanced laser products and evaluating the their reliability.
Reliability improvements and product development of the "LaserLight Fiber" product.
Development of high-quality, convenient, next-generation LaserLight SMDs.
Hobbies / Interests:
Spearfishing / Free diving
Running / Hiking
Ryan Gresback Person

How are you different from others?

I am not afraid of failure, I challenge myself, learn from my mistakes, and grow from them.

What does your job mean to you?

To have a positive impact on people and society.

When is the most thrilling moment for you in your work?

When I make a difficult breakthrough or new discovery.

What is the biggest failure and lesson you have learned in your life?

I once developed a product with great technology, cost efficiency, and performance but had to give up on commercializing it due to environmental risks. I have come to believe that no matter what we do, there is always the possibility of failure, so it is important to accept it graciously and move on.

Tell us a secret confession.

When I was a student, I thought LEDs had no future.

If you could take one thing with you
to a deserted island,
what would it be?

Spearfishing/freediving equipment.

If you could make anything, what would it be?

A lighting fixture that meets the needs of everyone on the road, including cars and pedestrians.

What do you do on your days off?

I often go out to the seaside with my family for spearfishing and diving. Living close to both the ocean and mountains in Santa Barbara, I enjoy hiking and the rich natural environment.

hiking and the rich natural environment.

What is your most prized possession?

I cherish objects that remind me of the bonds and memories I have with my family and loved ones. In particular, I use a plate given to me by my grandmother every day, and it reminds me of precious memories of her.

bonds and memories I have with my family and loved ones.
Sten Heikman

Comment from a fellow colleague

Sten Heikman
- Managerial Colleague

Ryan is not only a skilled engineer but also an excellent manager. Proficient in data analysis, high problem-solving skills, and precise project direction, he’s respected and liked by everyone in the organization.



A boy with a pure curiosity about how things work.

Growing up, I was the kind of kid who would modify radio-controlled toys and disassemble electrical appliances. I sometimes had a dangerous curiosity about what would happen if I put my finger in a moving fan. Even as a child, I had a genuine interest in the mechanisms that made things work. What determined my path as an engineer was my encounter with research such as plasma synthesis and nanomaterials. Although these subjects were extremely challenging for a high school student, I remember marveling at how they resembled the world of science fiction. I was impressed with the idea of exploring the properties of materials, finding ways to utilize them, and contributing to the world through new discoveries. This is exactly what I am doing now, and I feel the joy of helping people while working in the field I am interested in.

A boy with a pure curiosity about how things work.

Impressive Episode

A team faces challenges together and resolves to improve one by one.

One project I worked on during the COVID-19 pandemic involved improving the yield of a new product. This particular project involved a great deal of hard work and learning. With unprecedented conditions and various trials and errors, hard decisions had to be made. As a manager, I served as the bridge between the team, development, and manufacturing sides, as well as the management and clients. I was in daily contact with them for months. The challenge was intensified by the fact that some teams were located outside the country, making remote work essential at the time.

teams were located outside the country, making remote work essential at the time.

My primary task was to analyze data to determine the necessary steps and how to address them. Together with the team, I reviewed the production process, including the phosphor, optical system, and mechanical design. Creating an atmosphere where everyone, even working remotely, shared the same perspective was crucial. With the support of our team members and their families, we ultimately delivered the product while maintaining satisfactory quality. I hope to leverage this experience to approach any difficult projects in the future with a positive attitude.

My primary task was to analyze data to determine the necessary steps and how to address them.


I want to contribute to technology that enriches our lives.

We anticipate dramatic evolution in technologies related to lasers and LEDs over the next ten years. In addition to developing high-performance lighting products, they will be used as sensors and in other visual cognitive functions, contributing to the latest digital devices like AR/VR-related products. Although it's challenging to imagine the specific innovations, I aspire to be involved in this technology that will become an indispensable part of our daily lives and enrich our experiences. Personal growth as an engineer is essential. Pursuing new technologies, occasionally imposing restrictions, challenging limits, and embracing change are all crucial. I believe these not only facilitate growth but also hold the secret to making life interesting. I aim to continue seeking new stimulation.

To learn more, please visit:
Kyocera SLD Laser

I aim to continue seeking new stimulation.



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