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November 09, 2020

Kyocera is developing cutting tool data solutions for the Future of Manufacturing.

Kyocera is developing cutting tool data solutions for the Future of Manufacturing. By combining digital technologies, such as cutting processing and structural analysis, with expertise cultivated as a leading cutting tools manufacturer, Kyocera will help dramatically improve manufacturing productivity.

Users can download tool information from Kyocera's website and seamlessly integrate into CAD/CAM, simulation software, or tool management systems; cutting tool data is also available at ToolsUnited ( Going forward, data utilization will be expanded to tooling, machining pass simulation using CAM, cutting processing, and structural analysis, and we will help customers design more productive manufacturing sites with innovative solutions and AI analysis tools. Through this Kyocera will create new value in metalworking and other fields utilizing our comprehensive strengths in 5G, robotics, and pneumatic and power tools.

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