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Kyocera advanced energy conversion devices are essential in our daily lives

Kyocera advanced energy conversion devices - piezoelectric elements, ceramic heaters, and Peltier modules - are essential in our daily lives.

A musical toothbrush that plays sounds only the child can hear, a smartphone without ear speaker but you can still hear the other person's voice when you put it on your ear, these developments and more are made possible using Kyocera's piezoelectric elements.

Kyocera's ceramic heater device which instantly converts electricity into heat is used in both the automotive and home appliances industries to support rapid energy transfer and efficiency.

Another development is the Peltier module which can both cool and heat rapidly. This technology is used in HEV thermal battery management systems to promote greater energy efficiency, and in car seat temperature control systems to support comfortable driving in both summer and winter. Energy conversion devices have unlimited potential. We hope to widely develop them in areas such as
mobility, IoT and 5G, to further contribute to the advancement of society in the future.

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