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November 25, 2019

Protecting the Forest for a Sustainable Future!

Did you know that proper tree thinning can help to create healthy forests?

-Thinning out overstocked and poor quality trees can help create growing space and aim sunlight to enhance the remaining trees growth and development.

On Saturday, November 16 , Kyocera held its 11th biannual "Kyocera Forestation Program" at the "Mt. Kannabi (Kannabiyama)" in Kyotanabe City, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan.

A total of 36 employees and their families participated and enjoyed nature while working hard to preserve the environment.

One participant said "I needed a lot of physical strength just to cut a single thin tree. So the next day I had muscle pain."

To commemorate the event, Kyocera put up a signboard made of crushed "Kyoto Opal" and fine ceramic materials developed and manufactured by Kyocera, the board was also decorated by Kyocera employees.

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