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September 29, 2019

Protecting Bees for a Sustainable Future!

Protecting Bees for a Sustainable Future!

The Kyocera Group's European headquarters in Esslingen, Germany recently settled six bee colonies at the back of their offices as a part of the company's environmental sustainability activities.

Why are bees so important for our future? Many types of plants, including those which grow fruits and vegetables, depend on bees for pollination. Because of this, bees are vital to sustaining life on earth, and declining bee populations is a big issue for human beings.

"The settlement makes a valuable contribution to species protection," says Shigeru Koyama, President of the Kyocera Group operations in Europe. "It is only a small contribution, but we want to help preserve biological diversity."

The project will also bring benefits to employees in Esslingen, where everyone is looking forward to enjoying the delicious home grown honey from the new bee populations!

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