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Kyocera's Latest Innovations @ Ceramics Expo in Cleveland, U.S.A.

Kyocera's Latest Innovations @ Ceramics Expo in Cleveland, U.S.A.

Earlier this month Kyocera showcased a number of advanced ceramic innovations including metallizing technology, single- crystal sapphire and heat-resistant ceramics at Ceramics Expo, the world's largest annual exposition for the advanced ceramic and glass community.

"If asked to identify the most important technologies in our world today, you would probably name electronics, computing, wireless networks, broadband, IoT, satellite communication, automotive, collision-avoidance systems, and medical technologies," said event speaker, Mark Wolf, Kyocera International Inc.'s V.P. of Fine Ceramics.

"These very diverse technologies have one thing in common-none of them could exist without ceramics," Wolf continued.

Mark spoke on a panel discussion at the expo and discussed topics ranging from fine ceramics innovation, venture capital in fine ceramics, and recruitment in the fine ceramics industry.

Thanks to U.S. Kyocera Fine Ceramics team for the successful event!

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