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"How do Kyocera SGS tools support the aerospace industry?"

"How do Kyocera SGS tools support the aerospace industry?"

- Interview with Thomas Haag, President of Kyocera SGS Precision Tools, and Senri Nagashima, Deputy General Manager of the Corporate Industrial Tools Group, Kyocera Corporation.

TH: "Our biggest advantage is the wide range of product lines capable of cutting difficult materials. What is common to all our products is their ability to solve our customer's most difficult challenges, improve productivity and reduce costs." SN: "In accordance with technological development progressing at high speeds, extremely high quality manufacturing is required. For example, the ability to machine difficult-to-cut materials and maintain high precision machining are becoming important. We are focusing on research and development in order to respond to these requirements."

"What is the role of the KYOCERA SGS TECH HUB?"
TH: "The concept is a "Hub" which encourages project members to share development resources beyond companies and organizations, and to connect various technologies. Internal and external professionals collaborate at the Hub and share opinions there, in order to develop unprecedented products."

Kyocera began selling SGS branded products in Japan in April 2019. Full interview :

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