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April 08, 2019

Can you imagine riding on a bus with no driver?

Can you imagine riding on a bus with no driver?

Kyocera recently participated in a series of research experiments to demonstrate the effectiveness of autonomous driving buses with JR East, a Japanese railway service company.

During the experiments, which took place on Bus Rapid Transit, or "BRT," lines in Iwate Prefecture, Japan, the companies researched technical driving issues such as smooth driving in the lane, speed control to stop at a predetermined location from the maximum speed of 40 km and alternate lane passing on a narrow road.

With many communications technologies that can be applied to autonomous driving, Kyocera was responsible for vehicle-to-infrastructure communication and installing roadside units (LTE, ITS, etc.). In the experiments these devices played the critical functions to support the bus's autonomous driving capabilities, including transmitting and receiving signals for the bus location.

With the aim of creating a dynamic mobility society, Kyocera will continue to develop new technologies that contribute to the realization of safe and secure autonomous driving. Please stay tuned and follow us on LinkedIn for more news about this and other new technologies!

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