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March 08, 2019

Kyocera Presents the Car of the Future!

Kyocera Presents the Car of the Future!

In 2018 Kyocera engineers teamed up with a local Kyoto-based electric vehicle startup GLM Co., Ltd. to develop the "Kyocera Concept Car."

Based on a neo-classical design, the concept car is outfitted with Kyocera's advanced automotive technological devices to support the safety and security of the driver; e-mirrors for rear view and side view; high spec cameras for 360-degree surround view; dashboard LCD touch-screen displays with patented haptic feedback technology "HAPTIVITY®"; a high-definition Head-Up display that projects information virtually in front of the driver; and much more.

Each high-tech device connects seamlessly together and with the car's traditional functions to support the driver's safety while allowing for an enhanced driving experience. Kyocera's connected technology and advanced engineering knowhow also set the stage for the future when AI and IoT devices are further incorporated the car to support autonomous driving.

What is next for the Kyocera concept car in 2019? Follow us on LinkedIn for all the latest updates for this and many other exciting Kyocera R&D projects.

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