Next Generation CVD Coating
for Longer Tool Life


See CA025P on the video

CVD Coated Carbide Grade for Steel CA025P【NEW】

1 Improved Wear Resistance
with New CVD Grade for Steel

Thickened Alumina with Good Thermal Resistance (Twice as thick as conventional coating)
Improved Plastic Deformation Resistance by Increased Temperature Strength

Wear Resistance Comparison(Internal Evaluation)

CA025P (50.4 min)
Good Surface Condition
Competitor A (29.4 min)
Competitor B (42 min)

Cutting Conditions : Vc = 300 m/min, ap = 1.5 mm, f = 0.3 mm/rev, Wet Workpiece : SCM435

Wear Comparison(Internal Evaluation)Cutting Time 25.2 min

CA025P Maintains Smooth and Flat Surface with Stable Tool Life

Stable Wear on Surface
Competitor A
Unstable Wear Pattern

Cutting Conditions : Vc = 300 m/min, ap = 1.5 mm, f = 0.3 mm/rev, Wet Workpiece : SCM435

Plastic Deformation Comparison under High Temperature
(Internal Evaluation)


2Excellent Fracture Resistance

New Substrate with High Stability Provides Excellent Chipping Resistance

Fracture Resistance Comparison(Internal Evaluation)Average of 5 times

Cutting Conditions : Vc = 250 m/min, ap = 1.5 mm, f = 0.35 mm/rev, Wet
Workpiece : SCM440 (with 4 Slots)

3Excellent Adhesion Resistance and
Chipping Resistance

Specialized Post-coating Process Prevents Adhesion

Adhesion on the Edge after Cutting(Internal Evaluation)

Specialized Post-coating
Less Adhesion
Not Specialized Post-coating
Wide Area of Adhesion * Adhesion Area Appears White

Cutting Conditions : Vc = 270 m/min, ap = 1.0 mm,
f = 0.1 mm/rev, Wet Workpiece : SCM440 (with 4 Slots)

Application Map

Chipbreaker MAP

PG Chipbreaker
(Medium-Roughing)Interruption (Medium-Roughing)
1st Recommendation
Stable Machining and Good Chip Control in a Wide Range of Applications
GS Chipbreaker
(Medium-Roughing) Continuous (Medium-Roughing)
1st Recommendation
Hybrid Land Enables Stable Machining During Light Interruption
PQ Chipbreaker (Finishing-Medium)
Reduces Chip Clogging and Resistance at High Feed Rates
PP Chipbreaker (Finishing)
Improves Chip Clogging and Chip Crunching at High Feed Rates with Small ap


CA025P Working Videos

Shaft Machining #1
Shaft Machining #2
Heavy Interrupted Machining
of Hexagonal Bar Steel with Holes

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