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Image : Plan view 1. Durability 2. 4G LTE 3. Device Portfolio 4. Design Concepts 5. Smart Sonic Receiver (Demonstration) 6. M2M Modules & Healthcare

Kyocera will showcase a number of new and existing devices at MWC. Listed below are the devices already launched with wireless service providers. However, the list does not include additional new devices that will be announced and added prior to the show.


The Dura Series is Kyocera's exclusive line of ruggedized mobile phones. The Series is tested and built to Military Standards and includes devices that withstand harsh environments including dust storms, shock, vibration, extreme temperatures, strong rain and full submersion in water.

image : The Dura Series
  • -DuraXT
  • -DuraPlus
  • -DuraCore

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Kyocera's smartphone devices support both FDD-LTE and AXGP

image :DIGNO S, HONEY BEE 201K
  • -AXGP : HONEY BEE 201K

3Device Portfolio

Kyocera has various types of devices that support UMTS / CDMA / PHS.

4Design Concepts

Various new concept models are displayed.

5Smart Sonic Receiver (Demonstration)

Kyocera's proprietary Smart Sonic Receiver technology transmits vibrations through body tissue and directly to the eardrum. By adding this second path for sound to reach the inner ear, Kyocera devices with this technology can be heard in even the most noisy environments.

image : Smart Sonic Receiver

6M2M Modules & Healthcare

Modules for automobiles, industrial equipment, etc.


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image : Mobile World Congress