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SHDBU Structure Type

Super High-Density Build-up Substrates

SHDBU Structure Type

Kyocera recommends SHDBU substrates for high-speed with high I/O count flip chip BGA. SHDBU substrates have high-density build-up and CPCORE as a core material, which allows for a finer design rule than with conventional core materials making them thin and displaying good characteristics for high speed applications.
In addition to fine geometry routing at the build-up layer, routing in CPCORE is possible, so it is a suitable technology for full area array flip chip assembly and MCM. Furthermore, critical routing is possible in the CPCORE layer, and is suitable for high speed switching devices and high speed routers.


  • Most advanced design rule with CPCORE as core material
  • Optimization including quantity reduction of build-up layer
  • High-speed signal routing in core layer available
    (suitable for high speed macro-embedded ASIC)
  • Packaged for high pin count as next generation 0.8mm pitch full area array

SHDBU Cross Section (2-4-2)

SHDBU Cross Section (2-4-2)


Layer Structure Up to 4-n-4
Core Layer Structure 5 ~ 25
Build up Line Width / Space 9μm / 12μm
Core Line Width / Space 40μm / 40μm
Flip Chip Pad Pitch 125μm

Specifications are subject to change without notice due to continual improvements in materials and manufacturing processes.

Please feel free to contact us for further information.


  • High-end ASIC / System LSI

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