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CPCORE Structure Type

CPCORE Structure Type

CPCORE processes features of both multilayer ceramic technology and multilayer organic technology, and complies with 175µm via pitch routing and all layer stacked via.
CPCORE material is flexible in routing design, which contributes to the enhancement of electrical performance. CPCORE is suitable for semiconductor packages where high speed signal transmission is required.


  • Thermosetting PPE (polyphenyl ether) implemented; enhancing high frequency characteristics
  • 175µm BGA pad pitch enables full area array. Stacked via for all layers
  • Ideal micro strip structure available
  • Full layers stacked via and high density pad pitch facilitate high frequency design

Cross Section

Exsample for 21 layers


Layer Structure 3 to 25
Line Width / Space 30μm / 30μm
Via Hole / Land Diameter 100μm / 170μm *Standard Rule
85μm / 145μm *Advanced Rule
Flip Chip Pad Pitch 175μm
Via Pitch 175μm

Specifications are subject to change without notice due to continual improvements in materials and manufacturing processes. Please feel free to contact us for further information.


  • LSI for servers and high-speed network devices
  • LSI for high-speed use

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