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Thick Copper PWBs

Product combines heavy copper and high-count multilayer technology

For power system components requiring high current/heat dissipation treatment, we provide an organic material-based heavy copper board with wirelaid technology.


  • Patterning of copper over 200µm thick achieved with a conventional method, by application of high-precision etching technology.
  • Layer reduction enabled by fabrication technology, with different circuit thicknesses on the same layer.
  • Embedded heavy copper HDI board achieves high density.
  • Heavy copper board is less expensive than metal core board and provides excellent functionality in automotive equipment.


Copper foil thickness Inner layer 70-210μm
Outer Layer 70-210μm
Line/space (Min.) 105µm thickness 200/200μm
175µm thickness 250/250μm
210µm thickness 350/350μm 200/200µm (Copper layer different kind copper thickness specifications)
diameter (hole/land)
105µm thickness 350/700μm
175µm thickness 350/700μm
210µm thickness 350/700μm



  • Power systems in-vehicle equipment
  • Switching power supply (DC-DC converters, power modules)
  • Industrial instruments (robot-related, etc.)

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