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High-Density Multilayer PWBs

High-Density multilayer PWBs for high perforemance network equipment and industrial equipment

Our layer count is up to 50 layers and the PWB size is up to 780mm x 570mm. Advanced manufacturing technologies for stack via, skip via, back drill for high speed signal and buried capacitors support higher performance and high-density design of equipment.


  • High aspect ratio via holes support high-density multilayer PWBs and PWBs with sequential lamination supports flexibility of design
  • Technology of back drill and accurate impedance control support signal integrity
  • Maximum 210μm thick copper support supply of large current on PWBs


Number of layers 4-50 High multilayer multiplex laminated board
Total thickness 0.4-7.0mm 0.06mm thickness core material
(buried capacitance material: 0.025mm)
Material FR-4, FR-5eq., etc. Various low dielectric materials, BT-Resin, Polyimide
Maximum no. of build-up layers 3 Available skip via
Maximum board size 477mm × 699mm
Aspect ratio (Max.) 20
Through hole BVH, IVH Via structure: IVH on 2 stacked via
Line width / space (Min) 80μm/100μm (Outer Layer) 75μm/75μm (Inner Layer)
Back drill Drill Diameter +0.15mm Special design

Structure (Example of Cross Sectional View)


  • High performance computers
  • Network equipment
  • Communication equipment
  • LSI testers
  • Base transceiver stations

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