Stacks and Units

Power Semiconductor Stacks and Units for Various Industrial Fields

Kyocera offers power semiconductors along with peripheral components and circuits

We offer stacks consisting of a power semiconductor and cooling fins; and units consisting of a power semiconductor and peripheral devices such as a motor drive circuit, control circuit, protection circuit and cooling device.

Years of Power Electronics Design Technologies

Kyocera has provided power semiconductor stacks and units for power electronics/equipment for more than 40 years.
We have experience and knowledge in designing circuits, heat radiation devices and mechanisms for high-voltage/current applications. We can offer the best solutions to meet your needs.

Product Customization (Solutions Tailored Specifically to Your Needs)

Kyocera flexibly supports a variety of applications in a wide range of industrial fields, and offers solutions tailored to customer needs in all business processes from development and design to production.

Stack Lineup

Stack Lineup

Unit Lineup

Unit Lineup


Automotive industry: welding machines
Such as thyristor AC switches, secondary rectifiers, and inverter power supply for welding
Semiconductor production facilities: temperature control equipment
Such as heater control units for diffusion furnaces
Electric power facilities and water treatment facilities: power supply
Such as power sources for rectifiers, droppers, and ozonizers
Steel production facilities: power switches
Such as motor conductors
Road traffic-related systems
Such as power supply units for traffic signals
NC machines: motor controllers
Such as static Leonard system units and inverter units
Computer and railway-related equipment: uninterruptible power supply systems (UPS)
Such as rectifiers, inverter units, and AC switch units
Stage lighting: light control equipment
Such as power supply for spotlights and light control units
Railway vehicles and ships
Rectifiers and inverter units
Renewable energy market: solar-power-generation-related devices
Such as diode stacks and high-voltage stacks for voltage fluctuation prevention