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Fine Ceramic Components for Medical Equipment

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Kyocera Fine Ceramic Components at MD&M West 2018

We are pleased to announce that we will be presenting our products for medical diagnostic equipment at MD&M West 2018 held from February 6-8, 2018 in Anaheim, CA.

Given their superior characteristics, fine ceramics are used to manufacture components for medical equipment in areas such as medical diagnostics, surgery, and computed tomography. Examples of our fine ceramic components used in medical diagnostic equipment are shown below. Kyocera provides a range of fine ceramic components with diverse applications and shapes to meet customers' needs, including components used for plunger pumps to deliver reagents, valve components for constant delivery and flow channel switching of reagents and specimens, nozzle components for suction and discharge of reagents and specimens, and sapphire optical windows used in sample measurement.

Thank you for your interest in Kyocera's fine ceramics. We look forward to seeing you at our booth.

Exhibition Information
Name of exhibition MD&M West 2018
Dates Tuesday, February 6 to Thursday, February 8, 2018
Venue Anaheim Convention Center
Booth number 2311
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Applications in Medical Diagnostic Equipment

Applications in Medical Diagnostic Equipment
  • Plunger Pump Components:

    Pump components benefit from the advantages of high precision and the surface smoothness of fine ceramics.

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  • Switching Valve Components

    Fine ceramics with superior wear-resistant properties improve sealing quality.

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  • Nozzle Components

    Even the inner side of the nozzle can be finished with an ultra-smooth surface to reduce residue inside the nozzle.

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  • Sapphire Windows

    Optical windows featuring sapphire with superior chemical resistance.

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Liquid Suction and Discharge Nozzles


Used for suction and discharge of reagents and specimens


  • - Superior chemical resistance with excellent surface smoothness
  • - Inner surface roughness with Ra 0.1μm or less makes it possible to reduce residue inside the nozzle
  • - Able to induce conductivity on the ceramic surface and to process the tip to a tapered shape

Delivery Pump Components


Used in pump plungers, magnetic pump shafts and sleeves to provide superior wear-resistance


  • - High mechanical strength and superior chemical- and wear-resistant properties provide high durability
  • - Ultra-precise surface finish and smoothness provide improved sealing quality with high reliability
  • - Voidless parts made of sapphire further reduce chemical residues and dusting characteristics

Switching Valve Components


Valve components used to mix reagents and specimens with constant delivery and flow channel switching


  • - Fine ceramic with superior chemical- and wear-resistant properties can reduce metal contamination and increase sealing quality
  • - High-precision machining enables both ultra-trace discharge and constant delivery

Sapphire Windows


Optical windows used to measure specimens, etc.


  • - Low maintenance cost due to the superior chemical durability of sapphire
  • - Flange can be made of fine ceramics as well as of metals
  • - Joins to ceramics and metals with no bonding material

Hollow Flow Channel Structure


  • - Flow channel structure
  • - Cooling/temperature control components for heating elements
  • - Heat exchangers


  • - Monolithic ceramic structure with no bonding material for long-term reliability
  • - Cooling or heat exchanging components made of lightweight ceramic with a low heat capacity compared to metal provide a more efficient, energy-saving system
  • - Low maintenance cost due to superior chemical durability
  • - Structures made of sapphire materials other than alumina or silicon carbide are available

Chemical resistance

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