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  • ◆Vacuum Interrupter Ceramic Tubes
  • ◆Thick-Copper on Ceramic Substrates
  • ◆Hollow Design Components
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Kyocera Fine Ceramic Components on Hannover Messe

From 24 to 28 April, Kyocera Fineceramics GmbH will present new products for vacuum and industrial applications at the Hannover Messe.

- Vacuum Application :
Vacuum Interrupter Ceramic Tubes
High Voltage Resistant Alumina
Ceramics for Safety Components
- Industrial Application :
Heat-Resistant Components
Ceramic Components with Flow Channel Structures

Kyocera Fineceramics GmbH will display in Hall 13, Stand F24

Thank you very much for your interest in Kyocera’s Fine Ceramics and for your visit to our exhibition booth!

Vacuum Interrupter Ceramic Tube


Ceramic Insulator Tubes are applied for vacuum interrupters of switch gear, medium voltage range (approx. 6kV to 80kV).


  • - Specialized Alumina material for high insulation resistance
  • - Ceramic tubes provide high reliability, Mo-Mn metallization and nickel plating, allowing customers to assemble robust vacuum interrupters
  • - If required, Kyocera can also supply the electrode brazed parts
  • - Kyocera’s dedicated production line enables high volume and the supply of quality parts worldwide

More about Kyocera Metallized Part

Technical innovations are being made in various fields through the advancement of ultra high vacuum technology. With its ceramic-to-metal bonding technology which has been developed through many years of experience, Kyocera will help usher in a new era in the field, and thus aim to further contribute to the future of society.

  • Special Materials
    High Voltage-resistant Alumina Ceramic

    Possibility of 50% size reduction, with 1.6 times higher voltage resistance than conventional ceramic (based on Kyocera simulation).

  • Special Components
    Metallized Parts for Asteroid Probe

    The Japanese asteroid probe "Hayabusa" was the first in the world to successfully bring back a sample of material from an asteroid.

Thick-Copper on Ceramic Substrate


  • - Power Semiconductors
  • - Heat Sink


  • - Excellent endothermic performance, utilizing copper's 386W/m·K thermal conductivity
  • - Thick copper (more than 1mm thickness) bonded on top of strong ceramic substrate
  • - Excellent transient heat dissipation, with high heat capacity of thick copper.
  • - Substrate can also be made from other ceramic materials. Please contact us for possibility.

Hollow Design Components


  • - Flow Channel Structure
  • - Heat Sink
  • - Heat Exchanger


  • - Monolithic ceramic structure with no bonding material for long-term reliability
  • - Cooling or heat exchanging components made of light weight ceramic with low heat capacity provide a more efficient, energy saving system compared to metal Design possibility for thin wall or complex structure
  • - Low maintenance cost due to superior chemical durability
  • - Applicational exploitation other than cooling ortemperature control

Heat Resistant
Si3N4 Components


  • - Aluminum Foundry
  • - Steal Manufacturing Process
  • - Gas Turbine for Power Generation


  • - Silicon Nitride is used for high-reliability parts in high temperature and high pressure environment such as automotive parts because of its high mechanical strength and superior heat shock resistance.
  • - Less adhesion of Molten Metals.

More about Kyocera Structure Components

Kyocera's Fine ceramic products are widely used in industrial machines and electronic equipment and devices. Their wear and corrosion resistance is beneficial in pumps, nozzles and valve parts, and their high heat and thermal shock resistance is useful in ceramic engine parts.

  • Over 200 Kinds of Ceramic Materials

    Kyocera provides over 200 kinds of ceramic materials including oxide, non-oxide and metal composite.

  • Ceramic Parts for Large-Scale Processing Equipment

    As LCD panels increase in size, there is a demand for larger and higher-precision parts. Kyocera supplies large-size ceramic parts that feature a high degree of rigidity and purity.

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