Support Plates for Polarizers in LCD Projectors

PHOTO: Support Plates for Polarizers in LCD Projectors

Projector parts utilize sapphire's superior light transmittance and thermal conductivity.

Kyocera's sapphire material features superior characteristics that contribute to cutting-edge technology development, and enhance the performance of telecommunications devices and computer peripherals.


  • Light Transmittance
  • High Thermal Conductivity
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  • Product specs

Product specs

Material Single-Crystal Sapphire
Precision Standard Tolerance (mm, nominal dimension: a)
1>a :±0.05
1≦a≦4 :±0.1
4<a≦25 :±0.2
25<a≦102 :±0.25
102<a≦190 :±0.5
190<a :±1
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