Vacuum Interrupter Ceramic Tube

PHOTO: Vacuum Interrupter Ceramic Tube

Ceramic Insulator Tubes are used in vacuum interrupters for medium voltage switch gear (approx. 6kV to 80kV).

- Specialized Alumina materials with high insulation
- High reliability ceramic tubes. Mo-Mn metallization with
  nickel plating allows customers to assemble
  hermetically sealed products.
- In-house electrode brazing capability.
- Dedicated production lines, capable of high quality
  and mass production.


  • Hermeticity
  • Electrical Insulation
We support custom products from prototypes to large volume production runs.Please contact us to explore your custom design requirements.
  • Product specs
  • Features
  • Applications

Product specs

Material Alumina (A473A)
Special process Metallization and Brazing are possible


■ Material Properties
Comparison of new material and conventional material.
* Values are typical properties of each material, and may vary depending on product configurations or manufacturing processes.


■ Standard Specs
If your required specs are not in this chart, please feel free to contact us.



Vacuum interrupters of switch gear, medium voltage range (approx. 6KV to 80KV)

Vaccum switch

Vaccum relay