Ceramic Needles

PHOTO: Ceramic Needles

Ceramic needles suitable for addressing the elution and abrasion problem of metals.

- Ceramic needles with superior resistance to chemical
- Excellent wear-resistance compared to stainless steel
  reduces the frequency of needle replacement
- Ceramics with high mechanical strength enable the
  processing of thin walled, high precision tubes for the
  inner diameter
- Inner surface roughness with Ra 0.1 μm or less reduces
  residue inside the needle from repeat use (carryover


  • Wear Resistance
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Excellent Surface Flatness and Smoothness
  • High-Precision Processing
We support custom products from prototypes to mass-production runs. Please contact us to explore options, even if your specifications are different from those shown on our Web site.
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Product specs

Material Zirconia


Enlarged photo of the tip

Capable of performing microfabrication (*Actual example)


Tapered shape processing

Capable of processing tapered shapes (*Actual example)


Standard specifications

Reference values based on products made of zirconia.
Please contact us to explore options if your specifications differ from the ones shown below.