Ceramic Setters

PHOTO: Ceramic Setters

High-purity Alumina setters are ideal for quality improvement and cost reduction.

Since high-purity Alumina has excellent corrosion resistance and thermal shock resistance, it is used for setters for sintering and heat treatment.
We possess standard molds in various sizes, we can therefore contribute to cost reduction.


  • Heat Shock Resistance
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Product specs
  • Applications

Product specs

Material Alumina
Shape Substrate
Precision [Size]
Maximum Width: 320mm²
Maximum Thickness: 2.7mm
Minimum Thickness: 0.32mm (150W x 200L)
0.2%/inch (W:150mm x L:200mm)
0.5%/inch (320mm²)


Sintering setters for electronic component materials

Setters for heat treatment of metal products

Jigs for brazing process, etc.