Glazed Substrates for Thermal Printheads

PHOTO: Glazed Substrates for Thermal Printheads

Glazed substrates ideal for increasingly high-resolution printer heads.

Kyocera glazed substrates consist of 96% alumina with a glass overcoat. They feature superior flatness and fewer surface defects, which is optimal for thermal printheads used in many advanced printing applications. Kyocera provides various types of glazed substrates for every application such as partial glazed, full glazed and serial glazed substrates.


  • Excellent Surface Flatness and Smoothness
  • Fewer Surface Voids
We support custom products from prototypes to mass-production runs. Please contact us to explore options, even if your specifications are different from those shown on our Web site.
  • Product specs

Product specs

Material Alumina
Size Outer dimension (mm):L:Max 316、W:Max 80
Standard Substrate Thickness (mm):0.635、0.8、1.0
Precision Outer Dimensional Tolerance (mm)± 0.2
Standard Substrate Thickness Tolerance (mm) 0.635±0.06、0.8±0.08、1.0±0.1
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