Disk Spacers

PHOTO: Disk Spacers

Precise spacers with a similar CTE to glass disk.

Spacers with CTE similar to that of glass disks allow for precision assembly and superior HDD performance.


  • High Precision
  • Similar CTE to Glass Disk
  • Electrically Conductive
We support custom products from prototypes to mass-production runs. Please contact us to explore options, even if your specifications are different from those shown on our Web site.
  • Product specs

Product specs

Material Forsterite
Size Standard Size(mm):φ24 x φ20 (consult us about thickness)
Precision Outer diameter(mm): ±0.01
Inner diameter(mm): ±0.02
Thickness Tolerance(mm): ±0.005
Flatness: 0.0008 or less
Parallelism: 0.001 or less