Technology & Capabilities


We develop and create products that have yet to be seen.

Kyocera conducts R&D and comprehensive application development of diverse fine ceramic materials which are widely used in cutting-edge fields. With rapid design capability utilizing the full resources of our company, we develop new products and technology with high quality and high reliability.

Kyocera provides a reliable supply of quality products to meet customer manufacturing schedules, including mass production and increased volume demands.

Kyocera pursues the essence of manufacturing and develops processing technology and production equipment to create a manufacturing line capable of producing high-quality products efficiently. Kyocera strives to enhance cost competitiveness and accumulate manufacturing know-how. Our solid financial position enables us to expand capacity to accommodate large volume orders.

Kyocera offers support in solving a wide range of manufacturing problems.

Kyocera's wide variety of measurement and evaluation technologies and resources not only support the quality improvement of our ceramic parts, but also enhance customer products and R&D. Kyocera has strong problem-solving capabilities for a wide range of issues.