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Schottky Barrier Diodes

What Are Schottky Barrier Diodes?

Schottky barrier diodes are not PN junctions, but diodes that utilize potential barriers between semiconductor materials and metal electrodes, e.g., Schottky barrier. They have lower forward voltage (VF) characteristics and shorter reverse recovery time (trr) than typical PN junction diodes, making them suitable for switching operation. However, the reverse current (IR) is larger than that of conventional PN diodes.


1. The forward voltage (VF) characteristic is low, but the reverse current (IR) is large.

As shown in the figure below, the VF is very small compared to the diode of the PN junction, so the forward conduction loss is small and the efficiency is high.


2. Short reverse recovery time (trr)

The reverse recovery time (trr) is short and switching at high speed is possible.


Proper Use of diodes

For a typical power supply circuit

Proper Use of Diodes

Kyocera's Schottky Barrier Diodes

Kyocera's Schottky barrier diodes use a unique barrier formation technology. In 2004, Kyocera started the production of the Schottky barrier diodes with 200mm silicon wafers, for the first time in the Japanese industry . In the area of quality, we have received quality awards from domestic automotive manufacturers and are developing high quality and highly reliable products.
In addition, some products are qualified by the automotive reliability standard AEC-Q101.

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