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Crystal Impedance

Equivalent impedance of the crystal at series resonance.

Crystal Oscillator

An oscillator is a module consisting of a crystal unit and an oscillation circuit. An oscillator can obtain stable frequency signals by applying the supply voltage.

Crystal unit

Crystal unit is a passive component using piezoelectric effects of a crystal.
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Abbreviation of Electromagnetic Compatibility. The concept of enabling electronic devices to function without EMI.


Abbreviation of Electromagnetic Interference. A disturbance of an electrical circuit caused by external interference of an electromagnetic origin.


Abbreviation of Electromagnetic Susceptibility. The vulnerability of an electric circuit to a disturbance of electromagnetic origin.

Equivalent Series Resistance

The equivalent series resistance is the resistive element of the quartz crystal equivalent circuit. This resistance represents the equivalent impedance of the crystal at series resonance.


Frequency stability over temp.

Frequency variation caused by temperature changes referenced to the frequency at 25 deg.C.

Frequency tolerance

Max. frequency deviation from the nominal frequency. Specified in 10-6.


Load capacitance

Capacitance decided by the oscillation frequency of the crystal in the circuit.

Load Resonance frequency

Resonance frequency when a crystal unit is connected to load capacitance in series.



Photolithography is a process used in microfabrication mainly for the semiconductor industry.


Abbreviation of parts per million. Used as 10-6 when referring to the crystal frequency tolerance.


Reflow Soldering

A soldering method in which solder is applied to electronic components and then melted in a reflow oven to permanently mount them to a printed circuit board (PCB).


Simple Packaged Crystal Oscillators(SPXO)

Simple Packaged Crystal Oscillators consist of crystal units and an oscillation circuit.


Abbreviation of Surface Mount Device. Components suitable for SMT equipment.


Abbreviation of Surface Mount Technology. A method of producing electronic circuits on a printed circuit board (PCB) by applying solder paste and placing components on the PCB's surface before the solder is melted in a reflow oven.


Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator(TCXO)

Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator, which has a built-in circuit to correct frequency variations resulting from temperature variations of the crystal unit.


Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillator(VCXO)

A Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillator, which features a variable capacitance component such as a diode inserted into a SPXO oscillation loop, enables control of the oscillation frequency by varying the voltage of the external power supply.

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