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9609 Series

The 9609 Series are connectors for LED light and LED backlights, which have achieved a mating height of 1.4mm to prevent the connectors from hampering the distribution of light. These products are space-saving connectors which can be mounted on slim boards for weight saving of lighting fixtures. Two types are available: the JOINT (relay) type which connects modularized boards, and the Wire to Board type for connection to power supply units.

LED Connectors

Typical Applications

Lighting Equipment

Part No. List by Number of Positions:


Classification For LED
Pitch -
No. of Positions 1
Applicable Wire Sizes AWG #22 to 26
Rated Current AWG #24, 22 : DC 3.0A/Contact
AWG #26 : DC 1.0A/Contact
Rated Voltage DC 250V/Contact
Withstanding Voltage AC 500Vrms/min.
Applicable PCB thickness -
Stacking Height 3.0mm


  • Connectors used around LEDs are designed so that they do not hamper the distribution of light, while achieving a mating height of 1.4mm.
  • Receptacle connectors mounted on printed circuit boards feature the same shape for both types, thus contributing to workability in the mounting process.
  • A floating structure is adopted in the JOINT type, which absorbs misalignments of 0.1mm along the X-axis and ±0.2mm along the Y-axis of respective connectors (±0.2mm along the X-axis and ±0.4mm along the Y-axis in total between the connected boards) to improve contact reliability.
  • Contact Material: Copper alloy
  • Insulator Material: Thermoplastic
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40 to +105°C

Plating Specifications

Plating CodeAll Area
RoHS Compliance
808+ Sn-Reflow Yes

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