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5867 Series

The 5867 Series are Memory Card Connectors for XQDTM cards. As these products are connectors for consumer equipment such as DSCs (Digital Still Cameras) and DVCs (Digital Video Cameras), their card operation features a push-push mechanism by adopting the spring-ejection structure, thus enabling users to easily insert and eject the cards. In addition, the connectors are made user friendly with an enhanced “click” feeling, and a guiding structure which prevents incorrect card insertion of the cards.

XQD is a trademark of Sony Corporation.
CompactFlash is a trademark of Sandisk Corporation.


Typical Applications

Tablet PCs / Notebook PCs, DSCs / DVCs etc.


No. of Positions 21
PCB Mounting
Stand Off Without
Applicable Standard XQD™
Pitch 1.0mm (1.2mm)
Rated Current DC 0.5A/Contact
Rated Voltage DC 5V/Contact
Withstanding Voltage AC 500Vrms, 1min.


  • Compliant with XQDTM specification released by the CompactFlash Association (CFATM)
  • Normal mount type, push-push type card operation.
  • Prevents incorrect insertion of memory cards.
  • 12,000 mating cycles are guaranteed.
  • Contact Material: Copper alloy
  • Insulator Material: Heat-resistant plastic
  • Operating Temperature Range: -25 to +85°C

Plating Specifications

Plating CodeContact AreaTail AreaMetal tabsRoHS Compliance
876+ Au Au Au Yes

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