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5608 Series

Floating type

The 5608 Series are 0.8mm pitch, floating type Board to Board Connectors with a height of 5.0mm or 9.0mm, designed for use in car navigation systems.

0.8mm Pitch

Typical Applications

Printers / Copiers, Automotive Equipment, Servers, Industrial Equipment, Medical Equipment etc.

Part No. List by Number of Positions:


Stacking Height 5.0, 9.0mm
No. of Positions 20 to 80
Connection Style Vertical-Vertical
With or Without
Metal Tabs
Mounting Method
Pitch 0.8mm
Rated Current AC/DC 0.5A/Contact
Rated Voltage AC/DC 50V/Contact
Withstanding Voltage AC 500Vrms/min.


  • The floating structure on the plug side enables the mated connector to be moved ±0.4mm in X, Y directions and 0 to 1.0mm in the mating direction, which offers tolerance to misalignments .
  • A mating guide key improves the guiding performance when mated, thus contributing to enhanced workability even in cases of misalignments.
  • A bellows spring allows larger movable space and stable contact force, realizing a more flexible and stronger connection.
  • The floating design, combined with fixing metal tab s, reduces the mechanical load to the terminal and improves impact resistance.
  • Contact Material: Copper alloy
  • Insulator Material: Heat-resistant plastic
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40 to +100°C

Plating Specifications

Plating CodeContact AreaTail AreaMetal tabsRoHS Compliance
861+ Au(0.25µm Min.) Sn-Cu Sn-Cu Yes
861 Au(0.25µm Min.) Sn-Pb Sn-Pb No

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