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Mechanical factors

Vibration and shock

The limits of mechanical stress (e.g. vibration, shock) in an environment for use of capacitors are specified.

When vibration and/or shock exceed the conditions specified in the catalogs or product specifications, consult the component manufacturers on their conditions.
Take the measures of fixing the capacitor etc. by the equipment manufacturer, if necessary.
Since the body of a capacitor consists of ceramic, if a mechanical shock is applied directly, the capacitor may be damaged and a crack may be generated.

Under the following status, the vibration and/or shock may be applied to a capacitor.

  1. (1) During equipment transportation on a rough road.
  2. (2) When handling at carrying in or taking out.
  3. (3) In a storm during sea transportation.
  4. (4) At the launch and landing of a rocket.

The capacitors that have fallen shall not be used. The quality of these capacitors have already spoiled in many cases.

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