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Conductive Paste for LEDs


We have expanded our paste business for LEDs and electronic components, and as a result have gained many new customers. Especially notable is, our silver paste for LEDs, which has the largest market share in the world and can meet various customer needs.

Because our LED paste possesses characteristics of excellent conductivity, workability and reliability, it is considered the standard paste of the LED industry.


Conductive Paste for LEDs
Product NameCT220HK-S1CT227LCT2200CT288-3
Viscosity(Pa・s) 115 90 80 85

Elastic modulus(GPa)





Tg (°C) 115 143 115 90
Thermal conductivity(W/m・k) 2 2 2 1.8
Electrical conductivity(ohm・cm) 1×10-4 5×10-5 3×10-4 2×10-4
Adhesive strength(N/1mm2 25°C 25 30 60 40
260°C 10 10 10 5
Cure condition(in-line) 150°Cx1.5h 150°Cx1.5h 160°Cx0.5h 150°Cx1.0h
Applied chip size ~2mm ~2mm ~2mm ~4mm
Characteristic For general
purpose LEDs
Low temperature cure
; good strength during
hot state
For small die
High adhesive
Good thermal and
UV resistance;
high reliability

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