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High Thermal Conductive Paste


Our pastes are an environmentally friendly product created as a substitute to lead solder. They have the highest level of thermal conductivity in the industry for high-density silver filling, as well as also possessing high electrical conductivity. Therefore, it has been favored by many customers since its development. By applying our product adoption qualifications, technical know-how and research accumulated as a market pioneer, we have succeeded in developing a low-temperature cure and low-stress paste.

In our rapidly developing smart-wired society, energy control is expected to become a quintessential technology. Please consider our high thermal conductive paste for various power devices, such as power IC/LSIs and power LEDs.


Relation between silver-content rate and thermal conductivity

Relation between Silver-content rate

Device reliability test

Thermal Shock Cycles

General properties

General Properties of High Thermal Conductive Pastes
Product NameCT262MCT285CT285F
Viscosity(Pa・s) 100 100 85
Elastic modulus(GPa) 10 16.5 11
Tg (°C) 115 160 165
Thermal conductivity(W/m・k) 5 25 30
Electrical conductivity
6×10-4 9×10-6 2×10-5
Adhesive strength(N/4mm2 25°C 160 35 45
260°C 20 28 35
Cure condition
150°C×1.5h 150°Cx0.5h
Applied chip size 2~8mm ~4mm ~6mm
Characteristic Solventless;
large-size ICs
electrical and
High electrical and
thermal conductivity;
corresponding large-size chips

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