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Anisotropic Conductive Paste

Features and Applications of ACP/NCP

Simple and easy mounting process.ACP/NCPの適用例のアンテナ
 It can be applied by dispensing or printing.
 Snap cure by thermal compression bonding.

Corresponding to high density mounting.
 ACP >>> minimum 20 um pitch
 NCP >>> minimum 5 um pitch

Low-temperature curing.
 It can be Low temperature (180 °C)

Environmental material.
 Solder substitute material without lead and flux.

Usage example For RFID bonding


■Cure condition>
Temperature:180 °C
Time:15 sec
Pressure:100 MPa (100 gf/0.01 mm2)

Anisotropic Conductive Paste for RFID bonding 

Non Conductive Paste
(Without particle)
Anisotropic Conductive Paste
(With particle)
Viscosity (25 °C) 70 Pa・s 10 Pa・s
Gel time (150 °C) 10 s 11 s
Grass transition temperature (TMA) 132 °C 115 °C
Thermal expansion coefficient (TMA) 65 ppm/°C 60 ppm/°C
Modulus (25 °C) (DMA) 3.9 GPa 3.2 GPa
Non volatile (150 °C) 99 wt% 99 wt%
Shelf life (-30~-15 °C) 6 month 12 month

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