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High Reliability EMCs for Small Signal Packages

These EMCs can cover package types ranging from TO92 to SMD, and are excellent in terms of both curability and filling performance for inline processes.



  • KE-G300 Series has good filling performance for ultra-small packages.
  • Able to meet JEDEC MSL Level 1 requirements for ultra-small packages.
  • Excellent adhesive strength even under high reflow temperatures.
  • Fast cure time for inline processes supports higher productivity.
  • Excellent moldability can improve yield during molding processes.
Spiral Flow cm 110 100
Gelation Time s 21 27
Specific Gravity - 1.80 1.81
Tg °C 170 180
CTE α1 ppm/K 20 18
α2 67 67
Application - SMD Pin Type

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