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KE-G1250 Series Low-Warpage EMC for transfer molding

*Compression Mold EMCs of same series is here.

The KE-G1250 Series has excellent properties of low warpage for organic substrate packages.
Beyond good warpage performance in BGA packages, it is also suitable for fine pitch Au / Cu / Ag wires.
Furthermore, it can also be used for SMD applications. It has a wide range of mold shrinkages, CTE's and modulus for better warpage control.



  • With our unique technology, we meet the low warpage requirements for all areas of array packages
  • Applicable to fine-pitch fine wire, Cu/Ag wire bonding
  • Applicable to batch-forming transfer molding with good moldability and stable yield performance
FBGA Mold Under Fill package High Thermal Conductivity
Feature Low warpage
Wide range of mold shrinkages
Applicable to Cu/Ag wire
Good narrow gap filling
Max. filler size : ~25um
Thermal conductivity : ~4W/mK

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