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KE-G1250 series Low warpage EMC for compression molding

*Transfer Mold EMCs of same series is here.

Our materials have excellent properties of fill ability, warpage control and adhesion, especially for thin packages with highly stacked dies and long loops of thin wires.



  • Good moldability even with higher filler content (~91wt%)
  • No wire sweep (Au; Φ15 x 6mm)
  • No cull, no runner
  • Can reduce warpage even for thick packages (e.g. PBGA)
  • Applicable for thin wires (applicable for Cu wire)
  • High adhesive strength and high reliability by minimizing the usage of wax

We have several grades of compression mold EMCs which are now in mass production.
Warpage is controlled by the optimization of mold shrinkage, Tg, CTE, and modulus.

FBGA MUF/Thin package
Feature Low warpage performance
Variety lineup of mold shrinkage
Good narrow gap filling
Reccomended product KE-G1250AH series
KE-G2250AH series
(Low alpha ray grade)
KE-G1250AH-F series
KE-G2250AH-F series
(Low alpha ray grade)

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