Management Philosophy

Origin of the Management
  The origin of the Kyocera Group management resides in the Kyocera Philosophy, a philosophy of life based on the real-life experiences and empirical rules of Kazuo Inamori, founder and chairman emeritus of Kyocera Corporation. With "What is the right thing to do as a human being?" as its most essential criterion, the Kyocera Philosophy expounds the significance of commitment to fair management and operation in compliance with the most fundamental human ethical and moral values and social norms.  
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Amoeba Management

The Kyocera Group uses its own business administration method called "Amoeba Management." Amoeba Management is a method specifically developed to realize the corporate philosophy of the Kyocera Group. Under the system, the company organization is divided into small groups called amoebas, which operate on a self-supporting basis. We believe that employees’ enhanced sense of participation in management and motivation engendered by Amoeba Management constitutes the source of the Kyocera Group’s strength. The small group system also serves to clarify the responsibilities of each member of the group, secure transparency in every detail, and enable a thorough check of efficiency.

The Goals of Amoeba Management
1. Establishment of a market-oriented divisional accounting system
2. Fostering leaders with management awareness
3. Management by all
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