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KYOCERA Launches 0.5mm-Pitch FPC/FFC Connectors with World's Highest Pin Count for High-Speed Transmission

New 6815 Series offers up to 100 pins for 4K and 8K displays; Optimized for speeds up to 3.75Gbps

March 18, 2019Japan

Kyocera Corporation (President: Hideo Tanimoto) today announced its 6815 Series connector. It is a 0.5mm-pitch flexible printed circuit (FPC) and flat flexible cable (FFC) connector with the world's highest pin count (up to 100 pins)*1. The new 6815 Series, now available globally, is optimized for the high-speed transmission requirements of high-definition 4K and 8K displays in applications such as TVs, medical displays and automotive infotainment systems.

Photo: 6815 Series connector features up to 100 pins for high-speed

Product name 6815 Series multiple pins FPC/FFC connector for high-speed transmission
Applications Television, display for medical equipment, car navigation system

In addition to the growing market for 4K and 8K televisions, medical companies are introducing 4K and 8K displays into their equipment because high-definition images can better aid medical personnel when using surgery, early disease detection, or remote diagnosis equipment.

The new 6815 Series optimizes high-speed data transmission for high-definition images. The higher pin count can reduce the total number of connectors required, allowing for space saving, simplification of the circuit design and reducing the labor requirement for connector insertion and mounting. The new connectors were designed to work with the V-by-One®HS*2 transmission interface, which reaches speeds up to 3.75Gbps.

Kyocera also offers a high-and-low temperature resistant type (-40℃ to 105℃(257°F)) ideal for automotive infotainment, such as navigation systems.

Main Features
1. World's highest pin count among high-speed connectors
The connectors feature up to 100 pins and are compatible with V-by-One HS, the next-generation interface standard for LCD television displays.

2. Heat-resistant type for automotive electronics
The standard type offers an operating temperature range of -40℃ to +85℃. The heat-resistant type features operability up to 105°C (257°F) for use in automotive infotainment, such as car navigation systems.

3. Insertion failure prevention and “confirmation click” locking
By combining FPC/FFC with tabs, the new series offers a visual check to detect improper insertion. The connectors also make a “confirmation click” when locked or unlocked to improve operation efficiency.

Image:Tab enables user to confirm proper insertion and<br>temporarily holding of the FPC/FFC before connecting

Tab enables user to confirm proper insertion and
temporarily holding of the FPC/FFC before connecting

4. Impedance adjustment enhances performance
The 6815 Series corresponds to the FFC with impedance adjustment to enhanced transmission performance.

5. RoHS compliant

No. of pins 81 to 100 High-speed transmission standard V-by-One®HS
Pitch 0.5mm Operating temperature range -40℃ to +85℃ (general type)
-40℃ to +105℃(257°F) (heat resistant type)
Height above substrate 1.90mm Rated current DC 0.5A/contact
Depth of mounting part 3.65mm Rated voltage DC 50V/contact
Locking type Front lock D.W. Voltage AC 200V/min.
Contact position Bottom Material Copper alloy/heat-resistant plastic
FPC/FFC thickness 0.3mm RoHS Complainant

*1 As of March 1, 2019, based on research by Kyocera
*2 "V-by-One" is a registered trademark of THine Electronics, Inc.